About Reviews

So I had someone ask me for references the other day, it was a first and to be honest, it threw me off-guard.

And eventually it dawned on me that while I have Facebook and Instagram accounts, I’m not a hardcore user. I do have a Yelp page, but the one 5 star review I have there has been hidden.

So this evening, I figured out how to get a Reviews tab on my Facebook page, I updated my Yelp page to actually reflect my current business (I used to try to be super formal and proper when talking about massage — it wasn’t a good look for me), and I finally fully updated my Google+ page.

Now you have options when it comes to leaving reviews.

I do have to note that both Yelp and Google have outsourced the menu section of the review page to one company, Single Platform. While Yelp offers a method to get your menu updated through them, Google does not. Through Google, my option was to “Claim this business,” which led to giving them all my information and then they will call me within 24 hours. (where’s a headdesk gif when you need one?)

If you go to my afore-linked Yelp or Google+ pages now, there’s a chance you will see menu information that is from either 2007 or some other company (I genuinely don’t remember having a menu like that).

The Yelp method should be resolved within 2 business days, according to Yelp. The Google+ method, since I have run into this company before, will probably take longer and be super annoying since their call is a sales call, my least favorite of all phone calls, and I have zero intention of paying them money to get my information updated (I did note on my Google+ page that the menu is wrong). Yay for resolutions.

On the upside, there is small comfort that my Yelp page has not not filled with negative reviews, people are way more likely to complain. I know it’s kind of weird to have a stranger come to your home so I get the need for reviews, I have just always been terrible about asking for them — I truly hate to be sales-y and annoying, it’s just really not my style.

But hey, if you’ve had a massage or Reiki session with me, I would appreciate an honest review. For your convenience, here are the direct links:

What I may do is respond to any compliments you give me about my work, and ask if I could use them here as a testimonial/mini-review. I’ll keep you all listed by first name and city, like Yelp. That may be the easiest compromise.