Sick, Snow, Yelp

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Three quick things for you today.

Sick: I’m currently under the weather. Today was better than yesterday and I should back to my regular self by Saturday.

Snow: I don’t like it, I avoid driving in it at all costs. So if your road isn’t plowed and easily drivable, warn me, we can reschedule. It’s not a big deal. There’s only one of me and I can’t afford to replace my car so getting an accident to see one client is simply not worth it to me. I’d much rather reschedule for a warmer/sunnier/snowless day.

Yelp: I’ve been avoiding unknown callers on my personal phone for awhile now. I get a lot of marketing calls despite being on the national no-call list. And then I went on Yelp yesterday and realized that it had reverted to my old information, including my personal line and home address, which I had changed months ago. Argh. So my apologies if you’ve called a 703 number recently for a massage. If I’ve never seen you as a client, you aren’t saved in that phone and thus, I haven’t even listened to your voicemail. Please try again at 571.766.8007. Texts are much easier for my life, especially with the cough I have going on right now.

And if you saw my home address, because Yelp makes it awkward to be clear about it, I don’t see clients in my home, ever. In the past, I’ve had people text me that, oh, they are free at 6 and could be at my house at that time. Haha, no, pretty please don’t be that guy.

I really wish there was a way for me to skip the address part of Yelp but it seems insistent on plotting me on a map somewhere. If you know a way around that, please let me know. I am not sure how other mobile businesses do it.

So the tl;dr version: currently scheduling for next week, please don’t make me drive in the snow, yelp is not my bff so please use the 571.766.8007 to schedule a massage, & texts are easier than phone calls. I hope your hearts & flowers day is as lovely as you. 🙂