On scheduling appointments…

I have run into this situation a few times lately, so I thought I would just make this super clear:

In order to have an appointment with me, you need to provide ALL of the following information:
First Name
Last Name
FULL Street address, including apartment number
Any weird parking issues (residents of DC, Arlington, Alexandria, and townhome communities, I am especially looking at you here)
Any weird building issues, like that you live in the basement and I need to walk around the back of the house.

I need either a working phone number or an email address, or both.

If you fail to provide me your full information, I reserve the right to not honor your attempt at an appointment.

A regular client jokes that I’m like pizza delivery, but better (massage is better than pizza — there are no calories). So if you can’t get a pizza delivered with the information you provide, you aren’t getting a massage delivered.

To be blunt, I am carrying ~80 pounds of gear. Let’s make it as easy as possible for me to get from my car, parked in a safe, nearby place where I will not be ticketed or towed, to your front door. (On one hand, I do this all the time, nbd; on the other, it is 80 pounds and having to stop and dig out my phone to text or email about where I am going and/or if its okay to park where I parked, it does start feeling heavier and heavier.)