Are you ready for your best massage ever? Contact Melissa via text 571.766.8007, or email Or …

Sending a text message will ALWAYS get you a faster response. Same day/urgent massage requests MUST be made over text message (or just schedule online!).

When leaving voice mail, it’s helpful to include the best times to return your call, and how late you’ll receive calls. I am the actual worst at phone calls, so my assistant, Amanda will be returning all phone calls.

Unsure what to text? Try something like, “Hi! This is [your name], I was just looking at your website and wanted to schedule a massage. Are you available next Tuesday around 7?”

When scheduling an appointment, in addition to how long of a massage you would like, I need to know your full name and full address, including apartment numbers, a valid phone number or email address if not both, and if there is anything weird about parking or your building (maybe your massage is during street cleaning so I can only park on the left side of the street, maybe you live in the basement and I have to walk around the building).

Basically, this is just like pizza delivery, except that I’m bringing about 80 pounds of gear with me and staying longer so I need to avoid being ticketed or towed.