Business update.

Okay, so first, the most awkward one – I’m raising prices on the 60 minute packages as of January 1, 2016. Everyone who regularly uses them has already been notified, the raise isn’t significant, and it only effects new 60 minute packages (calm down, 90 minute package people! ;)). Whew, the worst is over.  Oh, and if you want to stock up on 60 minute packages before the price increase, why would I stop you? You can prepay for packages here.

There is obviously no rush to finish a package before the end of the year. Your current package will last … until you use it, or I die/retire. Note: if you wait until I’m 90 to redeem your last massages with me, it’s not my fault if my hands are shaking the whole time, I’m no longer capable of deep tissue work, or if my dentures fall out and land on your back. : If you buy a package and then move out of the area before redeeming all massages, feel free to gift them out to your friends. Just send me an email and let me know who is getting how many massages and how to contact them.

Next up, I’m actually in the process of writing policies, which is about zero percent fun but it dawns on me that it’s actually necessary. Despite the unseasonal weather, my winter weather policy will be featured. There will also be a same-day cancelation policy, a privacy policy (especially relevant since I will also be debuting an intake form!), and a creepy dude policy (unforch, just saying that I hate creepy dudes is probably not the only deterrent that they need. Because creepy.).

Earlier this week, I formed the Melissa Rocks, LLC. So yeah, that’s a thing. 2016 = the year of leveling up. 🙂

If I don’t see you, I hope you have a great New Year. I’ll be over here with my finger hovering over the “update” button while the clock is counting down to midnight. 😉