A bold beginning

I realize that the name of my brand is bold for some people. Perhaps it seems arrogant. I can see that. I was actually a bit hesitant to use it at first.

You know what though? I’ve been a massage therapist for over ten years. From the days I was in massage school, whether in the classroom or working in the student clinic, to my days working in upscale hotels and day spas, to just in the last week, I’ve had people tell me that I am gifted, that I have great hands, that I am a natural healer, that I just gave them the best massage of their life.

How often do you have to hear that you are great before you finally accept it? Before you admit it out loud? I’ve been hearing it since October 2000. I think that’s long enough. I feel like it’s okay to say it out loud now.

I am not here to play small about what I do. Massage therapy is where I shine. I am a stellar massage therapist who loves her calling. Because massage therapy is not my job, it’s not my career, it is my joy and what I am meant to do.

I am Melissa who rocks at massage therapy, at your service.