Some upgrades ….

While my phone number remains the same, I did finally hire an assistant to return phone calls, since, let’s be honest, that’s the worst thing about me. You can still reach me directly through texts and emails.

I’ve changed my default email address to I spend a lot of time in entrepreneurial groups, which have a lot of UK/Australian members so I wasn’t sure if book@ or bookin@ would be better so I am sort of using both. I’ll be whittling it down to book though. I think. For now anyway.

I have created a new intake form. Yeah, that’s the least exciting update.

I finally got the HelloBar working on this version of my site.

I registered some short domains so soon all my links will be cute and short (ever create a Google form? If not, it’s like 98 random characters – that’s not exactly sharable.).

And the last, somewhat sad update is that I am struggling with the plugin that I use to backup my sites. As soon as that is set here, I’ll be taking the original Melissa Rocks Massage site and setting that subdomain to forward to this domain. That’s the sad part. I’ve had that site for … idk, like forever. It’s an end of an era. At the same time, I feel fully committed and more … professional with this site and email address.

Go, tinybiz, go! 🙂